Gran Turismo Car Center

When car sales is done via the internet

Gran Turismo Car Center

When car sales is done via the internet

What if you are a new player in the automotive market and will sell you cars via the internet. Par example as electric car manufacturer starting to sell EV in Europe.

You need an outlet that people like and feel home. Make sure the buyer wants to come back and know where to go for advice and service.

When electric vehicles need no workshop maintenance and repair services anymore 

The simple things like tire change, wiper blade change and interior filter change can be done by any fast fitter. Is it affordable to have brand dedicated workshops every 50 km without knowing if they have any work to do? Can a workshop afford to invest in all the required equipment not knowing when it will pay off? 

When car profits are only realized with the sales of a new car 

Car sales profit margins will be challenging since all manufacturer of EV have to compete with US and Chinese EV car manufacturers. Tesla and Chinese car manufacturer are fully and only concentrating on EV technology. Lessons learned: solar cell production on high tech European machines all went to China since labour wages are much lower in China than in Europe and the Chinese government supported the Chinese manufacturers a bit more than the European governments did. Is it profitable to have a brand dedicated dealer network without having a profit margin for that?

About GT Car Center

A solution for niche car manufacturers and electric car manufacturers

Dedicated outlet business model for niche and electric vehicle sales, maintenance and repair service.

Support service we provide

Benchmark the regional automotive car sales, automotive Aftermarket, accessories offers and leisure market

Support in working out a dedicated Business plan


Support in defining the car spare parts sales program, car accessories and car tuning parts

Support in the price positioning for the square meter rental price, shop in shop, services, etc.

Support in working out the leisure offers

Support in Business development

Support in finding a Gran Turismo Car Center location

Support in defining the building presentation and atmosphere

Support in finding the internal set up look and feel fitting the program and region

Support in finding and contracting car Manufacturers

Support in finding Business partners for automotive parts, mechanic training, tools and equipment

Support in finding and contracting accessories suppliers

Support in finding Shop in Shop customers

Support in finding the partners and suppliers for the leisure offers

Support in working out communication and marketing tools / customers contact

Support in finding software solution for Vehicle Test Ride bookings

Support in finding software solution for Workshop appointments / planning

Support in working out local events

Your projects

  • Gran Turismo (Sports car) feeling
  • Electric vehicle hot spot
  • Car demonstration with look and feel advise (for internet car sales)
  • Car sales showroom (new and used cars and bikes)
  • New car delivery room (pick up via internet ordered cars)
  • Test drive  center
  • Car (maintenance) service (tires, cabin filters, wiper blades, brakes, bulbs)
  • Car repair workshop (high tech/ IT related problem solving, windows, mirrors, cameras, body shop, etc.)
  • Car spare parts sales
  • Car accessories parts sales
  • Car tuning parts sales
  • Automotive related accessories and merchandising sales
  • Rental Car service
  • Rental Bike service
  • Breakfast – Lunch – Diner offer
  • Meeting and business location
  • Simulator racing
  • Electric go-kart centre

About the EV business model

  • The competition in car sales will become stronger and the profit margins will be under pressure
  • Vehicle manufacturers mainly from China, France, Germany, Japan and the USA
  • Internet car sales will increase with hard times for traditional car sales dealers and car sales outlet
  • A buyer wants to buy a car at a location that he has confidence in, also with internet car sales
  • A buyer of a car wants to be sure that when he/she has a problem with the car, the service location is known
  • A buyer of a car wants to be sure guarantee issues and updates are correctly handled
  • A buyer does not want to buy at a dealer if the car price is substantial higher than on the internet
  • A buyer of a car wants to be sure that the car can be sold after a year or a few years at a reasonable price
  • Maintenance service is needed with low interval periods and with a much lower turnover value
  • Making high profits with car maintenance and car services is not feasible with EV
  • Traditional car service dealers and workshops will have problems with ROI of equipment
  • Cars full of warning and emergency sensors have less accidents than cars without sensors
  • Car body repair with cars full of sensors requires high skilled craftmanship support and expensive equipment

Track record


  • Product sales Automotive parts Netherlands
  • Product manager Automotive After Sales Netherlands
  • Product manager Automotive Bosch Benelux
  • Product and project manager Automotive Batteries Bosch Worldwide
  • Interim management

We find, combine and organize a network of specialized companies and people having a dedicated program

Partner company listing


How to create an interesting and attractive location: ensure people can See, Feel, Hear, Smell and Taste in a positive way!

  • See new cars
  • See interesting occasions
  • See good maintenance service
  • See high quality repairs
  • Feel the interior
  • Feel the vibrations of music
  • Feel the excitement of an EV
  • Feel the fun of driving an electric go-kart
  • Hear good advice
  • Hear the silence of an EV
  • Hear familiar music
  • Smell new cars
  • Smell good food and coffee
  • Taste good beverages
  • Taste good food

All needed to create an unforgettable experience and increase the chance that people will come back. Enhance floor traffic in multiple ways to establish a vibrant location.

  • Starbucks, Lavazza, Illy café,
  • Burgerking, Domino Pizza, Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendys
  • Hardrock café, Paulaner Biergarten
  • Avis Rent a Car
  • Kwikfit
  • I-Championship car racing

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