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Service suppliers

The service suppliers offer the additional services and products that complete the business in the GT car world. For the valuable GT cars and classic cars the insurance is important, special save transport required and high quality body work maintenance and tuning products wanted.

An other service within the classic and GT car market which is important for GT car owners and buyers are the professional specialist who can advice with their experience and detailed car and market knowledge. They have the contacts in the market and know which GT cars are the real beauties for the auctions and which one are loved by brokers.


Please find below a list of companies that offer the extra service within the GT car market.
Advise market

CLASSICMOBILIA - Keith Riddington
The classic motor specialist with unrivaled knowledge and dedication to the classic car market. Author, public speaker, business consultant and highly regarded expert on Aston Martin motor cars and general classic motor vehicles. The unique expertise and experience about the classic car market can add value to every project whether it be advising on a potential purchase or working to protect your investment.

Car tours

Loeven Sportwagentouren
One of Europe's premier touring companies. The sports car tours aim at the European mountain regions: so both, spectacular hairpin turns and eye-popping scenery are the norm. As if piloting special cars through beautiful landscapes wasn't enough excitement already, Loeven Sportwagentouren also offers stopovers at the best boutique luxury hotels, many of them historically significant; founder Reinhard Loeven knows his chefs as well as his exotic autos. Trips are designed for modern sports cars as well as for vintage cars.

for vehicles 

Accentuating the vehicles original wood trim with our stunning wood floor mats. These mats are a work of art, not just a utilitarian item. Manufactured to be a perfect fit on the vehicles floor with our Anti Slip rubber nib backing, which can be secured in place with the O.E. fastening loops where applicable. All our wood floor mats are tailor-made , scratch resistant and flexible to contour vehicles floor. Luxomats are proudly made by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment in the USA.

from auto parts

Classic auto furniture
Collectable furniture made out of car parts. Classic cars become a unique pieces after they gently reconditioned, given a professional auto finish, and hand crafted one at a time into distinctive furniture. Custom fabricated legs and drawers for each table/desk. These exclusive pieces are ready to enhance the look of your home or office.

parts & goods


DB Schenkers logistics
Customers can expect a comprehensive service and a broad range of additional features designed to solve their problems. Only then does experience combine with passion to form the perfect basis for a complex yet transparent service. Your route to the world markets DB Schenker ensures that air freight reaches the exact destination specified by the customers – anywhere in the world.